“Andrew Pink, who has created the score for Bird Song, could doubtless spin and tweak an orchestra of irresistible glee out of Davies's own chuckles”


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Border Tales
‘Eryck’s Song’ Live at The Place 2015
For Protein Dance
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Taos Runway
Project Runway Season 11. Music for fashion designer Patricia Michaels.
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Bird Song
A glass is dropped and shatters…….
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Ancient Welsh Melody
One of the winning pieces in the Cape Farewell Project competition. Sung by Beth Powlesland
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Music commissioned for the launch of the Mazda MX5
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LOL Lots of Love
Kip is left alone hugging his tangled lines
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You May-Dystopia
For choreographer Zoi Dimitrou.
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Border Tales
From Luca Silvistrini’s Border Tales. End Music
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For the piece Grassblades, Bristol 2013.

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Ai Weiwei
The Indigenous Dome Project is a collaboration between Chinese contemporary artist and activist Ai Weiwei and six Native American Indian artists which premiered at Miami Art Basel in December 2014. Navajo painter Tony Abeyta commissioned me to write a score for his contribution "Aqueous Acquiesce" for the dome project. Gravity and tides have infused my thinking in the creation of the score influenced by Ai Weiwei's concept title ‘Pull of the Moon’. The piece was created in surround sound with multiple loudspeakers placed around the perimeter of the dome. The version presented here is mixed down to stereo.
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Aqueous Acquiesce’ for Ai Weiwei Digital Dome Project

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‘Border Tales’ began life in 2013.Its central themes of migration and identity have now become more pertinent than ever since ‘Brexit’.

Directed by Luca Silvestrini with music by myself.
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‘Border Tales’ Trailer

LOL Lots of Love
Original music by Andy Pink commissioned by Luca Silvistrini’s Protein

“Linked at the speed of light, we live on a thrumming spider web of interconnectedness. There is no single centre any more, only multiple centres. sequential linear time has broken down into synchronous simultaneous time. The earth is encased in a spinning ring of communication satellites and everything is available everywhere in every moment. And we still barely know how to love one another or deal with the Lessons of Love” Andy Pink
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‘LOL Lots of Love’ for Protein Dance

Siobhan Davies Dance Bird song
'Bird Song' from Siobhan Davies Dance is now on the national curriculum having been chosen as one of the set pieces to study for GCSE dance. The DVD of Bird Song is always available along with various other resources for teachers. There is an excellent overview of the piece, which was made in 2003 here and an online archive here.
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‘Bird Song’ for Siobhan Davies Dance

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‘Journeys of Love and More Love’ by Ali Zaidi with music and sound by Andy Pink
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‘Journeys of Love’ for Moti Roti

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Interviews with the creatives behind ‘LOL Lots of Love’
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‘LOL Lots of Love’ Interviews with creatives