Andy Pink blurs the relationship between sound, music and movement. Raw sound is the seed for all of his musical compositions as in the score for 'Bird Song' (2002) for Siobhan Davies Dance. 'Bird Song' fundamentally questioned how dancers hear. It went on to become part of Tate Modern's '40 Artists 40 Days' Olympic bid and the piece was on the national curriculum for dance for over a decade.
Andy's career began at the Royal Court Theatre in 80’s London, working with directors Max-Stafford Clarke and Danny Boyle. Subsequently his ecletic career has expanded into film, art installations and multimedia with a particular emphasis always on how the human body emdodies the lived space.

Andy has worked with with Lumiere & Son, Station House Opera, English National Opera and The Royal Shakespeare Company.
His many collaborations include 'Come Been and Gone' for Michael Clark, 'Ringside' for Mem Morrison and 'The Big Melt' for Jarvis Cocker.
Composition projects include 'SALT', an installation in a disused salt factory for the 2008 Ruhr Triennale, 'Journeys of Love and More Love' for Moti Roti Company which played at Melbourne Festival and Singapore National Museum, 'Deep End' for Gerry Pilgrim, 'You May' for Zoi Dimitrou and music for the first ever Native American fashion show in New Mexico in 1998.
'Border Tales' was Andy's collaboration with Luca Silvestrini's Protein Dance, after having previously written music for the company's production 'LOL (lots of love)' in 2010. Both pieces toured internationally to critical acclaim.
In 2018 Andy wrote a full length score for Sally Marie’s company Sweetshop Revolution. ‘BeautifuL’ explored female sexuality.
Also in 2018/19 Stuart Waters premiered ‘Rock Bottom’ a dark but ultimately healing exploration of the intense ‘chem-sex’ world.

Since 2020 film and video work has become more central to his work, with the film 'The Sun Inside' winning the 2020 LA Film award for Best Musical Film.

Recent dance works include 'Home From Home' for Encore East which premiered in Novemeber 2023.