Selected WORKS

"Poetic music by Andy Pink, passionately performed by Anthar Kharana, conjures up the conditions created by globalisation: displacement, longing, lonliness and feelings of alienation".

Border Tales review 2012

"Border Tales relies on spoken text to deliver its themes, but it elaborates them best though dance. A duet of formal bows and handshakes disintegrates, cleverly, into a bristling dog-fight over personal space. The work's fragile undercurrent of optimism is most powerfully evoked when Silvestrini's choreography and Andy Pink's score weave a mysterious, thrilling community out of the dancers' individual voices and styles".

Judith Mackrell The Guardian

"Andy Pink's score I loved. Seamless, dancey, clever, inventive and upbeat. Just right." Arts Council UK

"Your music touches the heart and inspires"

Penka Kouneva, Hollywood Composer