I worked closely with Colombian multi-instrumentalist Anthar Kharana to create the music for Border Tales. The resulting hybrid live instrumental and electronic score tried to capture the ideas of migration in contemporary Britain.

Border Tales looks at our country, seen through the eyes of an international cast and gazes satirically on stereotypical thinking and migrant outsiders. Originally created in 2013 and presented in the round, Border Tales was brought back ‘front-end’ in  2016 for the BBC World Service and in 2017 it was presented at Edinburgh Festival in what we now know as a ‘post-Brexit’ Britain.

"Border Tales focuses on the space between “us” and “them”, with a story told by six party-goers and their host. With an engaging blend of dance, dialogue and live music, the result is a funny, honest and sometimes discomforting commentary on stereotypical thinking and casual racism, portraying Britain as a place where the novelty of cultural diversity has worn off, fusion is starting to taste bland and harmonious living has become rather tricky".

Border Tales