My first collaboration with Luca Silvestrini and Protein Dance company. The new 'social media' had begun to pervade all our lives in 2009 but nobody had really begun to take stock of the profound implications of this new media. As I observed on the CD release of LOL: 

"Linked at the speed of light, we live on a thrumming spider web of
interconnectedness. There is no single centre anymore, only multiple centres.
Sequential linear time has broken down into synchronous simultaneous time.
The earth is encased in a spinning ring of communicating satellites and
everything is available everywhere in every moment. And we still barely know
how to love one another or deal with the Lessons of Loss." Andy Pink 2011.

Marshall McLuhan was a huge influence on me in the creation of the score. After all, he predicted the whole thing in the 1960's. The sounds of keyboard tapping, message sending and computer mainframes are woven into the fabric of the music. A chance recording of Second Life on line gave us hilarious and worrying content. The overall theme of 'isolated togetherness' affected all aspects of the score.

LOL Lots Of Love went on to tour the Middle East, Russia, India, Thailand, Palestine, Morroco and Tunisia in 2012 and was subsequently made into a film directed by Don Boyd for Hibrow TV

LOL Lots Of love